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Anatomy Education Podcast

Feb 26, 2018

Dr Lisa Lee is an Associate Professor at the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, School of Medicine, University of Colorado in the United States

Lisa joins me for a wide-ranging chat about her career path into anatomy education and her work in the Pathology Department at Creighton University. We also discuss...

Feb 19, 2018

Dr Adam Taylor is a Senior Lecturer in Anatomy and Director of the Clinical Anatomy Learning Centre at Lancaster Medical School, Lancaster University, United Kingdom.

Adam joins me for a wide-ranging chat about his career in anatomy education and how he goes about balancing a high teaching load with basic science...

Feb 12, 2018

Dr Kat Sanders is a Lecturer in Clinical Anatomy at the Centre for Anatomical and Human Sciences, Hull York Medical School, United Kingdom.

Janet Philp is the Head of Administration for Biomedical Sciences at the University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom.


Kat discusses her background and journey into anatomy...

Feb 5, 2018

Dr Michelle Lazarus is a Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Human Anatomy Education, Monash University, Australia.

Michelle joins me for a wide ranging chat about her entry into anatomy education and approach to scholarship. We also discuss the ‘hands-offs’ approach she employs in her anatomy teaching and highly...