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Anatomy Education Podcast

Feb 5, 2018

Dr Michelle Lazarus is a Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Human Anatomy Education, Monash University, Australia.

Michelle joins me for a wide ranging chat about her entry into anatomy education and approach to scholarship. We also discuss the ‘hands-offs’ approach she employs in her anatomy teaching and highly successful Ask Anatomist initiative.

You can follow Michelle using the Twitter handle @InsidOutAnatomy

Here are the links to the papers we discussed:

Ask an anatomist: Identifying global trends, topics and themes of academic anatomists using twitter.

Practicing handoffs early: Applying a clinical framework in the anatomy laboratory

An anatomy precourse enhances student learning in veterinary anatomy.

Anatomy integration blueprint: A fourth-year musculoskeletal anatomy elective model.

Perceptions of anatomy: critical components in the clinical setting.


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