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Anatomy Education Podcast

Jun 4, 2018

Dr Jac Saorsa is a visual artist, writer and researcher within medical education. She is also the Founder and Director of The Broadway Drawing School in Cardiff, United Kingdom.

Jac joins me from Cardiff for the second podcast that discusses the role of Art in Anatomy. In a wide-ranging conversation Jac outlines her interest in human anatomy and how art can support the humanisation of various illnesses, such as gynaecological and breast cancer. We also discuss the work she has done with medical students on cancer wards and how art can support their understanding of a patient’s emotional experience.

You can follow Jac’s using the twitter handle: @JacSaorsa

For more information on Jac’s work visit her website: The Broadway Drawing School and blogs:

Jac Saorsa
Drawing Cancer

Medicine Unmasked

Doctor Patient Doctor
Cancer Ward 12


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