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Anatomy Education Podcast

Jul 29, 2017

The Anatomy Education Podcast is a new adventure that aims to share the latest news and opinions.

As an an anatomy teacher for over a decade I have developed a personal interest in understanding the most effective ways to support learning anatomy. From screencasts and eBooks, to social medial and MOOCs, I have continually tried to be as innovative as possible with my teaching. However, working in higher education is not something that can be done in isolation and by sharing, discussing and even argueing with friends and colleagues, I have hopefully developed as a teacher and continue to provide my students with an excellent learning experience. It is this approach I hope to maintain with The Anatomy Education Podcast – to share information, to exchange views, to continue learning. With interviews, conversations, conference updates and the latest news and opinion from current anatomy education research, I hope to promote the cutting edge anatomy scholarship that is currently underway from around the world.

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