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Anatomy Education Podcast

Mar 5, 2018

Dr Jon Wisco is an Associate Professor in the Department of Physiology and Developmental Biology, Brigham Young University, Utah, United States

Jon (and his special guest Kiwi) joins me for a wide-ranging chat about his approach to anatomy education including service learning and the Anatomy Academy. We also discuss lecture theatre and laboratory teaching with his pseudo flipped approach and the blend of prosection, dissection, technology and imaging. We finish by discussing his role in IAMSE, AAA and AACA and the value of these ‘professional families’.


You can follow Jon using the twitter handle: @JonathanWisco


Here is the link to the paper we discuss on students’ perceptions of dissection and prosection:

Student Perceived Value of Anatomy Pedagogy, Part I: Prosection or Dissection?


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