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Anatomy Education Podcast

Jul 23, 2018

Early Career Anatomy Educators

In this episode I am joined by PhD students from both Indiana University, Bloomington in the United States, and the University of Leeds in the UK to discuss their current anatomy education training programme and interest in anatomy education. We also talk about challenges and solutions to anatomy teaching and scholarship, and briefly touch on their individual projects.

Thank you to Stacey Dunham (@staceymdunham),Barbie Klein (@betabarb), Theo Smith (@badassanatomist), Melissa Taylor (@MTanatomy), Jonathan Bendinge, Michael Goodwin, Amberly Reynoldsfrom Indiana University and Arthur Lau (digiarthur88), Faye Bennett (@fslbennett), James Nott (@jamespnott), Lauren Clunie (@laurenclunie) from the University of Leeds.

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